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As with carpet cleaning all upholstery cleaning is carried out following strict guidelines. This involves first determining what the material is to be cleaned, so the correct detergent can be applied, followed by a thorough vacuum. Then the detergent is lightly brushed into the upholstery to loosen any soiling. The detergent is then rinsed with the hand tool (as above) which is attached via a pipe to a powerful extraction machine which is kept outside the house or apartment.. Finally the upholstery is toweled down to remove any surface moisture. After cleaning, the upholstery is left detergent free and chemically PH neutral to avoid rapid re-soiling.

An average 3-piece suite takes about 3 hours to clean and as with carpets drying time depends on the material being cleaned. Synthetic (man made) fibres can dry within the hour whereas natural fibres such as cotton can take a few hours.

  • Domestic and Commercial Carpet Cleaners
  • FREE Deodorisation
  • Cleaning and Re Nourishing of Leather Upholstery
  • Stain Resistant Treatments
  • Fluoroseal Plus (similar to Scotch Guard)
  • Anti Static treatment.